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When you are facing a family legal crisis – a divorce, custody dispute, involvement with the Department of Children and Families, or the need for guardianship of a minor or adult, you want a strong advocate with the experience and ability to guide you through a difficult process.

Attorney Katherine Potter has over twenty-five years of experience in helping families through these life transitions. Attorney Potter approaches every legal case with compassion, integrity and commitment. She understands that your life circumstances are unique and that facing a family legal crisis can be both a financial and emotional strain. We will be there for you every step of the way.


Attorney Potter draws on her 25-plus years of experience to achieve the best possible outcomes for her clients. Your family matters to us. Our personalized approach recognizes your unique circumstances and ensures you receive the most responsive and effective advocacy your family deserves.

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“Finding a lawyer you feel comfortable with makes all the difference. From the moment I met Kate, I knew I would be in good hands. Her calm demeanor instantly put me at ease, while her command of the legal process made me realize I didn't have anything to worry about. I knew she would help me get through my divorce as easily, swiftly, and painlessly as possible. Now that the divorce is behind me and I am once again able to move on with my life, I couldn't be more grateful for Kate's thoughtful assistance along the way. I highly recommend her!”

- Karen J.

“After my first call to Kate, I felt like the divorce process would be manageable. There is no way to anticipate all the bumps along the road and Kate was so steadfast, committed, and knowledgeable that it was simple to put my trust in her. At times, she was just as much a therapist as an attorney which I so appreciated and needed! Knowledge of the law isn't enough to make a good attorney. Kate's values, empathic calm nature, and nonjudgmental approach to my circumstances instantly put me at ease. I recommend her without hesitation and am so grateful for her service.”

- JR

“Attorney Potter handled the probate of my parents' estates. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the court's requirements is impressive. She made a complicated and difficult process smooth and efficient. I thought it would take months but the estate was settled within weeks.”

- Karen S.

 “Kate is an astute, probing lawyer who leaves no stone unturned. She is an excellent listener, dedicated to her clients, compassionate, and honest. We highly recommend her.”

- Miriam and Arthur P.

“I cannot possibly say enough good things about Attorney Potter. Having worked as a legal assistant for more than 30 years, I have met and worked for countless attorneys. I can honestly say Kate is one of the best and a credit to her profession. She is not only an experienced and knowledgeable professional, but a compassionate, decent, and kind human being who truly cares about her clients. She was sincerely concerned about my and my children’s well-being and was very supportive. Mine was a difficult drawn-out divorce which included (among other things) child support/alimony issues, debt/asset division, multiple contempt actions, etc., as well as a restraining order. Throughout it all, Kate never failed to provide superb advice, sound judgment, and excellent representation. Her honest assessment of every situation and issue that arose was spot-on. Kate also insisted on accompanying me to every hearing to extend my restraining order and was instrumental in having it made permanent. I believe Kate provided the best representation possible during my divorce and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

- Lynn

“After spending a year with a big law firm in which there was no movement, I was recommended to Attorney Potter. Attorney Potter was able to calmly move the case forward to completion. It was a difficult divorce case with children, and Attorney Potter showed that she had experience in dealing with the courts, the opposing attorney, and at trial. Throughout the case, Attorney Potter showed she had a solid understanding of how the state will prioritize the welfare of the children. Attorney Potter successfully represented me through the judges’ decision and continued to provide support in making sure financial and other details are handled correctly. I have had an excellent experience with Attorney Potter, and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a lawyer.”

- Tom

“Kate worked with me for almost two years in resolving a three-way custody battle that involved a constantly changing cast of judges, court-appointed counsel, and associated delays. Kate's calm, caring professionalism, and extensive knowledge of the probate and child welfare systems were instrumental in clearing these hurdles. She was also very efficient. I have valued Kate's experienced advice and would strongly recommend her services to others.”

- Karen

“My father lived in MA and was ultimately diagnosed with dementia. I live out-of-state. Named both his guardian and conservator, I needed much guidance and support. Kate was just the lawyer to provide them. She kept track of all the paperwork the court wanted and went above and beyond to help me. Once Dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer and liver failure, she continued to offer guidance and support. Kate knows the ins, outs, and how much the court charges for official documents! She returns emails and phone calls in a timely fashion. Kate is a fantastic lawyer: knowledgeable, kind, and caring. I highly recommend her.”

- Patricia

“My experience with Attorney Potter was supportive. She was professional, intelligent, hardworking, organized, and compassionate for the situation. She was always prompt and available. When the divorce got sticky she knew exactly how to handle it and see that it was fair and just. No question was left unanswered and every detail was cared for. I would recommend her to anybody going through this terrible time.”

- Nina

“Kate was very competent, knowledgeable, and professional throughout each of our dealings. She interacted with many different personalities and was able to keep focused and calm, even when stress levels were extremely elevated by her clients. She was well prepared and realistic. Kate was a great resource to have on our team!”

- Anonymous

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